About Poortview Pilates

Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Building core strength by using deep stabilizing muscles Pilates strengthens without bulking. Pilates creates a toned body.

It teaches Body awareness, Good posture and Improved flexibility.

Pilates is a method of Mind-Body exercises evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates

Reasons To Train The Pilates Way
  • Rehabilitate muscles and joints following an injury / operation
  • Stretch tight muscle groups and strenghten opposing muscle groups
  • Improve poor posture and relieve pain due to unwanted tention in the muscles
  • Improve performance and endurance for an athlete
  • Lose weight and tone muscles
  • Regain body shape post pregnancy
  • Feel great, mentally alert, and connected to ones body
  • Have fun and get fit at the same time