Elné Kleinsmith

I am a certified Pilates Instructor (Basi, Equlibrium and Xtreme Gymnasium ), Personal Trainer ( Bodyline UPTA ) and Spinning Instructor ( Johnny's Spinning ). After working at Virgin Active, Spinning - and Pilates studios I opened my own studio - Poortview Pilates in 2007. With a personal background in competitive sports, Im passionate about optimal health and fitness.

Im also passionate about the moving body and anatomy and try to learn as much as I possibly can and pass on this knowledge to those I work with.

The most fulfillment I get from instructing Pilates comes from the results people get. Every single client finds not only the results they are aiming for but also experience emotional and physical joy.

I work with a wide spectrum of clients ranging from housewives to profesional athletes. I have also gained alot of specialized experience in the field of scoliosis, sacro-illiac disfunction, pre- and post natal training and hip, knee and shoulder rehablitation.

I enjoy seeing clients reach and exceed their goals and is constantly amazed by what the mind, body and spirit can achieve.

I've found balance through Pilates

Marilu Gow

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